Belonging together

Sometimes, some concepts seem to reoccur.  When this happens, I try to be alert, because often God is trying to send a message. Recently, I have been reminded how important belonging is. In Sunday School, our discussion somehow included how much our new church has done for us.  I appreciative … Continue reading


Thankfulness changes you.  It helps you to be more aware of good things around you.  Here is a random list of things I am grateful for. 1) Love 2) Joy 3) Unexplainable Peace 4) Hope 5) Salvation for myself and others. My husband recently baptised a friend. It was fun to … Continue reading

MRI and moving update

Fear is all around me. I feel like I can’t handle all of the stress around me.   This week I had another MRI.  I praise God because the scan did not show any growth.  MRI process reminds me how easily I could be weak and incapable.  I am grateful … Continue reading

Rest- How to get it?

Recently I causally listened to a presentation on rest. I don’t remember everything that was said, but they did suggest that many people do not rest well. People do activities that they think will help them to feel more rested like watching TV, but in the end their activities do … Continue reading

How to give to God

As we have discussed in previous post the spiritual disciplines seem difficult.  Difficult does not mean that they are not worth it.  A deep relationship with God is worth everything you have, because it all came from Him anyway. That fact is especially important to remember with this week’s spiritual … Continue reading