Powerful worship

In last week’s blog, I discussed my struggle with motivation and how I was challenged to be motivated by worshiping the one true God.  This week I have spent a decent amount of time considering why worshiping motivates me more effectively than some of my other sources of motivation. Worship … Continue reading

3 Types of Motivation

I struggle with motivation. Almost daily, I know of something I should do, but do not want to do it. I often feel like Paul’s description in Romans 7 where Paul describes himself as a prisoner to sin. Romans 7:23-24 “…waging war against the law of my mind and making … Continue reading

Where should we be

I love watching my daughter growing and developing.  A few weeks ago, we left her with my parents while we went on a mission trip.  When we reunited, I was amazed at how her behavior and skills had changed in just one week. She is now speaking with more words.  … Continue reading

God pursues you

For the last few days, I have experienced guilt, because I haven’t felt like I reaching my potential.  I have allowed my daily routines to fall apart, and have not strived towards some of my goals.  I have two really good reasons though.  Reason #1, I was exhausted.  Towards the … Continue reading