Joy in Discipline

Last week we discussed mourning over our sins. One of the good things about mourning over our sins is that the sadness does not last forever.  God wants you to experience His forgiveness and peace.  We do not have to live our lives in shame.  Often, we force ourselves to … Continue reading

Be miserable

In last week’s post, we discussed worship as enjoying the presence of God.  You do not need to be in a special place or even doing a special activity to enjoy the presence of God.  God is everywhere, therefore we can worship Him everywhere (even at my kitchen sink while … Continue reading

Clarifying Worship

In last week’s post, we discussed some of the hard questions that life brings us.  I told you that “abiding” or “remaining” in Jesus would help us to clarify the answers to the hard questions, but abiding in Jesus is difficult, because we can’t actually see Him yet.   This … Continue reading