What Changes Things?

Is social media good for us? There are many debates about “goodness” of social media.  This post is not about that.  It is about the importance of remembrance.   Thanks to Facebook and other social media, I have been reminded of several things that have occurred during winter months.  Most of … Continue reading

My Biggest Wish

Four years ago, my wish list was long.  Here is a small sample:”     1) I want a clean pathology report  (my first brain surgery was March 5, 2012).     2) I want to be able to draw a clock (I wasn’t able to at my first speech therapy session).     3) I … Continue reading

The Reality of My Situation

  I (Kendra) had another follow-up doctor’s appointment this week.  We are praising God the MRI showed that my brain is still stable.  My doctor will never say that there was no change (because no two pictures will look exactly the same), but there was no significant change. Even with … Continue reading