Questioning my value

I learned a long time ago that you are not going to please everyone.  Make sure you are pleasing the people that matter most to you.  In essence, don’t sacrifice your most important relationship to appear strong to others (many of them you can’t please).   So a long time ago, … Continue reading

Ugly healing

Random fun fact about Amy: she has not had positive experiences when it comes to the dentist.  That’s the most succinct way I can think to put it. This week was a major fear-facing success for me.  I went to the dentist.  They did a check up, regular cleaning, and … Continue reading

Oceans of Fear

“The only thing stronger than fear is hope.” Could have fooled me. Have you been there? Your to-do list looks more like a short story. At least, what you’ve managed to remember to put on paper, which doesn’t account for the 3 million things that cross your mind daily with … Continue reading