Trusting God through prayer

I used to think praying was easy.  For me, I don’t remember ever not praying.  As a child, we would pray at meals, we would pray in the car, and we would pray before going to sleep.  We would just pray.  I am just talking to God (and trust me I know how to talk). […]

Beauty from Ashes

🎶There was a time…then it all went wrong🎶 “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. Growing up hanging around pyromaniacs fostered in me a love for fire.  Fire can be a fierce destroyer, I know, but such terrifying beauty still fascinates me. Recently, the phrase “beauty from ashes” has caught my fascination as well.Ashes are […]

Giving the Pain a Purpose

  Since Tuesday, when I release my most recent blog, several people have told me that I am strong.  When I am told this, my mouth says, “Thank you.”  My internal dialog says, “Good job faking it.”  I know that I serve the strong and powerful God, but I sure don’t feel strong.  I know […]

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