Blank Slate

Do we notice when we reach our breaking point? It occurred to me only after telling the story of all God has been doing in my life for the past year when my friend said, “Wow, you’ve had quite a year!” In that moment, I took a very deep breath, … Continue reading

And Now We Know…

  It is interesting to me to compare preparing for the different surgeries.  Preparing for surgery #1 was filled with fear and uncertainty.  We didn’t know where to start, and our plan was filled with a lot of question marks. Preparing now for surgery #3 (tomorrow morning) still contains question … Continue reading

In the Face of Fear

This week my daughter invited me to play with playdough together.  I created a clock out of playdough, all the while fearing that I may not be able to do that in two weeks, and I was praying that someday, I will be able to create a clock with playdough … Continue reading