The Key to Making Good Decisions

“You are good enough.” “You are valuable.” “You are loved.” “God owns the cattle on thousand hill-tops; resources don’t limit Him” (Ps. 50:10) “Trust God rather than money.” “If you hold your money in a fist, God can’t give you more.  Open your fist, and trust God to provide.” These … Continue reading

Scabs and Scars

  Forgiveness. You probably know the verses, same as I do. Jesus tells Peter to forgive not seven times, but seventy times seven times (Matthew 18:22). Even if someone does us wrong seven times in one day, we’re commanded to forgive them (Luke 17:3-4). We are to forgive others just … Continue reading

In the Face of Love

Before surgery, I was fearful. I wrote a blog about fearing that I could not create a clock. By the way, the picture is a clock I created just two weeks after surgery, and I probably could have done it sooner. Honestly, I still fear now.  I know that Bible … Continue reading