My Reward won’t be Heaven

It is that time of the year for Judgement Houses.  Churches or other groups come together to create a walk-through gospel presentation that is intended to compete with a haunted house.  Although different groups use a different script, every Judgement House that I have seen follows the same flow.  First, … Continue reading


  Lonely. Isolated. Depressed. How easily these words seem to go together. I’ve (Amy) spoken with some friends who are professional counselors, inquiring about how serious my depression is/could be (I found out a couple years ago that it runs in my family…which explained so much about my life). The … Continue reading

Feeling Loved

Shortly after my (Kendra’s) third brain surgery, some people were discussing my amazing recovery.  Someone asked, “What is your prognosis?” Because I have dealt with this four (almost five years), I bluntly said, “Unless God does the unexplained, I am going to die.” My friend broke down in tears. And … Continue reading

The Secret Struggle

A day has come that I (Amy) didn’t even think was possible. A day when some of my friends don’t know about my temper. I’m used to being the person my friends joke about, saying, “Just back away slowly from the Amy and throw chocolate to appease her.” I suddenly … Continue reading

Thankful for the Day

It sounds like a social media fad for the month of November, doesn’t it? It’s actually a phrase coined/made well known at Kendra’s and my alma mater.  I wish I could tell you more of his legacy, but I did not personally know him. He was one of the Residence … Continue reading