Back to Normal???

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 weeks since surgery.  Anyone who sees me can’t even tell that I had brain surgery.  Honestly, you will have to know me in order to notice subtle differences such as I am more easily tired, I still occasionally struggle with my words, and I also seem to have forgotten how to spell well (not that I was very good anyway).

I feel like life is going back to normal. I don’t have any more therapy. I only have one doctor’s appointment before May and that is to check the incision.  Our church has stopped bringing us food, because I am strong enough to cook (Thank you to all you have bought us food during the last three weeks).  I have had energy and initiative to do many projects that I have had the desire to accomplish.

And honestly, going back to normal is a little scary, because whenever my life has been threatened, spiritual things come more easily.  I find myself being more appreciative of life and praying more.  I find myself more engaged in my Bible study.  I cognitively know that I need God, but it helps when I feel that I need Him.

The thing is that God always wants to be my number one, and not just when I feel I need Him.  He always wants to be more important than my family.  He always wants to be more important than my health.  And to put my family, my health, or any other thing first in my life is idolatry. So as life gets back to normal, my goal is to keep my priorities correct which means keeping God first.

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