Belonging together

Sometimes, some concepts seem to reoccur.  When this happens, I try to be alert, because often God is trying to send a message. Recently, I have been reminded how important belonging is.

In Sunday School, our discussion somehow included how much our new church has done for us.  I appreciative of the efforts they have gone through to make us feel like we belong. They helped us move and prepare our new home for us.

On Sunday evening, I participated in our new churches Christmas play. In the play, two orphans wanted to have a last name or in more clear terms they wanted to be adopted.  They never knew their biological family.  They wanted to belong somewhere.  Of course by the end of the play, they are adopted into a new family (my husband and I were the new parents).  Before they do, they learn that God also wants the girls to be a part of the family of God, and they become a part of His family.

Wednesday was my husband and I eighth wedding anniversary.  I appreciate him so much.  I love how he is dedicated to me and our family. I firmly believe we belong together.

The feeling of belonging is important.  Many decision have been made in an effort to feel they have belong. I haven’t always felt like I belonged.

The interesting thing about belonging is that everyone wants to belong. Some people value it in different ways or want it from different groups, but everyone would become crazy if they were completely isolated.

So if you feel alone, remember that everyone wants friends. Sometimes, we need to make the effort to be a friend. When I was in Jr. High, there was a group of girls that I wanted to be their friends. By high school, we were friends. On day after a volleyball game, my mom told me that she had an interesting conversation with one of those girl’s mom. The story I heard is that other girl was grateful that I would finally be her friend. Apparently in Jr. High, we both wanted to be each other’s friends. Even though we wanted to be friends, our actions sent another message to the other girl. Sometimes, we create our own problems.

If you feel more or better friends, go and be a good friend. If you feel like you don’t belong, go and invite someone to join you. God created us to be in relationships. We need a relationship with Him and with others. No one should be alone during Christmas season. Christ did not come to earth so that we could feel alone.

Who could you be a friend to?

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