Are you blameless?

Daniel from the Bible is known for being thrown into the Lion’s Den, but often the details are forgotten.  Under the new King Darius, others were jealous of the power Daniel was receiving.  Daniel 6:4 describes the situation: “Then the commissioners and satraps began trying to find a ground of … Continue reading

To learn from others

What is a person who eats grass like cattle, has hair like eagles’ feather, and has nails like a birds’ claws?  The answer is King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4:33.  That doesn’t sound a description of a typical king, but King Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t a typical king. He might have been like … Continue reading

Found in the fire

In the book of Daniel, we can read the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  Like Daniel, they were captives in a foreign land.  The leaders were trying to convince them to let go of their culture and embrace the culture of the land where they were living.  One way … Continue reading

The impossible

Sometimes people expect the impossible.  King Nebuchadnezzar did. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. He knew that it contained an important message. He really wanted to know what it meant, but he was concerned that those around him would lie about the meaning of the dream. The only way he knew … Continue reading