Not Alone

Last year, she hated the Fourth of July.  When the fireworks started, we went inside.  This year, she enjoyed the lights and tolerated the noises while we were outside.  But when we came inside, she didn’t like it.  I (Kendra) convinced her to lay down in her bed, but she … Continue reading

This May Make You Cry

In summer, I (Kendra) enjoy Vacation Bible School (VBS) and other events that show children the love of Jesus.  Now that my daughter can enjoy VBS too, it is even more fun. She is three. Thursday, we taught about the love of Jesus.  In our closing, my husband dressed up … Continue reading

Where should we be

I love watching my daughter growing and developing.  A few weeks ago, we left her with my parents while we went on a mission trip.  When we reunited, I was amazed at how her behavior and skills had changed in just one week. She is now speaking with more words.  … Continue reading

Unimaginable love

It is easy to misunderstand love.  If you could ask my daughter if I love her, I am not sure that she would agree (especially right now as she screams).  You see, there are things that she wants that I will not give to her.  Some of the things she … Continue reading

Never alone

When my daughter was born many people told us to enjoy every moment, because they seem to go fast, and you can never get them back.  They are more accurate than I imagined.  This week, my little one turned 6 months old.  As I look back at the last 15 months of our life … Continue reading

Our forgiving God

The other day I created a safe and fun place for my five month old daughter to play.  I gave her some of her favorite toys.  I put pillows between her and things that could hurt her.  Apparently exploring seems more exciting, she rolled out of the safe place, across … Continue reading