Where is Truth?

Sometimes, we need to tell our feelings the truth, and sometimes it is hard.  This week it has been hard.  I wish I could have slept through it. I was stressed about chemo.  I was supposed to get my blood drawn on Friday the 24th, so that I could start … Continue reading


Sin whispers, “I am easier.” Satan whispers, “No one can obey all of God’s rules.” Sin says, “Why try to do right?  You can’t be perfect. Satan says, “You failed.” Sin lies, “You will always be a failure and worthless.” Satan lies, “You can’t be used by God.” And all … Continue reading

Hidden perfectionist

Often, when God is trying to teach me something a message will appear everywhere: in what people tell me, what I read, and what I listen to.  Other people have told me that God communicates to them this way as well. So when I hear a message from multiple people … Continue reading

The important things

In my previous post “More Powerful than lies,” I wrote how a few of Satan’s lies affect me.  It got me thinking about how sometime Satan causes us to ignore the truth.  The phrase “People make time for what is important to them” should be true, but I am not … Continue reading

Unexpected Results

This week, we received wonderful news. On Monday, I had another MRI. The MRI picture shows my brain with a dark spot in it, where they removed my tumor in February 2014. Between the dark area and my brain, there is an area that shows up white on the MRI. … Continue reading

More Powerful than Lies

Satan is the master of lies.  I have heard this most of my life, but recently I have noticed how his lies are affecting me, my family, and some of my friends.  I find myself believing that I don’t have anything of value to add to this world.  All I … Continue reading