In last week’s post, we discussed some of the hard questions that life brings us.  I told you that “abiding” or “remaining” in Jesus would help us to clarify the answers to the hard questions, but abiding in Jesus is difficult, because we can’t actually see Him yet.


This last week, I asked several of my friends about abiding in Jesus and they are just as confused as I am.  I also asked questions about “worshiping” Jesus daily (because I think it is closely related to abiding in Jesus).  Many of the people I talked to could give me a list of things that we generally consider to be worship (singing, giving of money, or quiet time).  Some acknowledge that worship is more than just doing these things, but confusion came when discussing how these activities or other activities are worship.  Honestly, if worship is of utmost importance in the Christian life, there is too much confusion about what is it.


In my children’s church class, we discussed worship as we also discussed how to find answers about spiritual questions.  I gave the kids my tablet and instructed them to find a definition for worship.  Their first response was to go to dictionary.com.  Dictionary.com had ten different definitions for “worship,” and none of them brought clarity to the word.  Many of the definition use words like reverence (and do we really understand reverence).  But it was a great teaching moment, words sometimes mean more than what the definition states, and often the church uses words in a slightly different way than the rest of the world.  We had to go to the Bible (which is also on my tablet) to understand what worship is.


Several Christians have defined worship as “enjoying the presence of God.”  I love this definition, because it brings more clarity than the dictionary definition.  When I was a child, I was taught that worship isn’t limited to what we do in the church or even limited to what we do in our quiet time, but somehow I wasn’t sure how I could be worshiping while during laundry or washing the dishes.


But with this definition, I now understand that if I acknowledge and enjoy God’s presence (and He is always there) I can be worshiping at all times of the day.  This is also a great way to make the mundane activities of life exciting.  Being in the presence of the Lord is refreshing and great.


In the Old Testament, the Israelites thought the presence of the Lord was at the temple.  Therefore, when they needed to worship, they went there.  Now, that we know that God is everywhere, we are called “to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship” (Rom. 12:1, NASB).


So in order to present your body as a living and holy sacrifice, you must acknowledge (and eventually enjoy) being in the presences of God.


This year at Christ in Youth (a conference that my husband and I took some of the youth from are area), we received a keychain that said, “You are here.”  The intent is that the keychain will remind us that God is wherever we are.  I placed the keychain next to my kitchen sink, as a reminder that I am in the presence of God whenever I am washing dishes.  I still don’t like washing dishes, but I do like the presence of God.  I am offering myself as a holy sacrifice as I do the mundane things to the glory of my God.


Join us next week, for more ideas on being a holy sacrifice.  In the meantime, please comment on times that you have really experienced the presence of God.


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