“Fair is not equal”

The other day on the radio I heard Dave Ramsey’s rant explaining that “fair doesn’t always mean equal.” It wasn’t until I googled the phrase, that I realized that the phrase wasn’t original. Apparently, Rick Wormeli wrote a book entitled “Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Assessing & Grading in the Differentiated Classroom.” In my estimation, Rick Wormeli might have been the first to write a book entitled “Fair Isn’t Always Equal,” but I don’t think he was the first to treat others fairly but not equally. God has been doing that since the beginning.

Can you imagine how ridiculous life would be if God treated everyone equally. What if everyone knew that they would die at fifty nine? How hard would turning fifty-eight be? What if everyone received 2 million dollars? What would be the point of working hard? What if you accidently spent the first million on junk? What if everyone had five children? What about those people who don’t want kids?

Life is not equal. I may not have as many children as my friend who has four little girls on earth and two in heaven. I may not have received as much money as Dave Ramsey. I may not live as long as my grandma who is in her eighties. God is still fair. He always obeys the rules. He always loves. He always provides salvation to those who believe. He always gives wisdom to those who ask. He is always with his followers.

So even though, I could complain that my life is more difficult than the woman who has not experienced miscarriage or the person who has never experienced the fear of living with a chronic disease or the person who has never experienced chemo.

I am grateful that my God follows His rule.

He wants to be there for you. He wants to show you his unconditional love. He wants to save you from the consequences of sin. He is fair, even when He is not equal. So don’t be jealous of another person’s strength. Don’t be jealous of someone’s gifts.

God will prepare you for your God-given job. He will enable you to face whatever He has in store for you. Life might not seem fair, but it is within God’s plan and rules.

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