God pursues you

Ps 18For the last few days, I have experienced guilt, because I haven’t felt like I reaching my potential.  I have allowed my daily routines to fall apart, and have not strived towards some of my goals.  I have two really good reasons though.  Reason #1, I was exhausted.  Towards the end of May, I took another round of chemo.  I finished it while traveling to South Dakota to serve the Lakota Indians for a week.  Reason #2, a very good friend (a college roommate) spent a few days at our house during her time in United States.  She resides in China.  I wanted to take every opportunity I had to spend precious time with my friend.

This time with my friend reminded me that relationships are very important, and they take work.  I had many friends while I was in college, but I would only consider a few of them to be very good friends today.  The difference is that the very good friends worked to maintain the relationship.  We make an effort to communicate and occasionally get together.

Our relationship with Jesus also takes work and sacrifice, but the best thing about our relationship with Jesus is that He has already done the hard work.  He died to have a relationship with us.  Now, God wants us to respond to Him, this is what David did.

In Psalms 18, David described his relationship with God.  In verse 1 through verse 18, David called on God, and God delivered David.  In verse 19 through verse 27, David acknowledges that God rewards his righteousness which was demonstrated by his obedience.  If you remember our study of 1 John last month, righteousness does not come from ourselves.  We are righteous because of what Jesus has done for us.  In verses 28-45, David shows his understanding of how God strengthens those to “take refuge in Him” (verse 30).  If we trust God for strength, He will provide.  In 46-50, David responds to God, the source of enduring strength, by worshiping and glorifying God.

Basically, my summary of Psalms 18 is that God delivered David, and David responded by trust and worshiping God.  This was all made possible because God worked on a relationship with David, and David responded.

For David, the secret to a successful life wasn’t building good daily routines or making a priority list.  His life was successful because he responded to God.  He works, and we respond.

How do you see God working towards a relationship with you?  How does God want you to respond to God’s deliverance and strength today?  For me, I need to be more concerned about God than my to-do list.

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