God’s good care

In the Bible, God allows Satan to take away Job’s riches, children, and servants. When Job continually asks why God is allowing these tragedies.  God speaks to Job.  In the children’s book, “A Patient Man from Uz,” Kyle Butt summaries what God told Job:

“Then God began to speak to Job
To help him understand,
That only God can rule the world
And make it fit for man.
God asked Job to explain
How the stars stayed in the sky.
He asked him to explain
How the soaring eagles fly.
Could Job, as a man,
Catch the huge leviathan?
Could Job kill behemoth
Or trap him in a pen?
When God had finished speaking,
Job bowed his head in prayer.
He knew that he was wrong
To question God’s good care.”

When I recently read this, I cried, because God really does care even when we don’t understand what He is doing.  The last few weeks, I had felt like I was losing in my battle with my anti-seizure medication, the generic form of Keppra.  Like I have discussed before, Keppra is known to cause depression. I feel hopeless which leads to having no drive and being rude to my husband.  I don’t understand why God allows such hopelessness. I know He can prevent it, because He is stronger than my medicine, but, like Job, I don’t need to know why to believe that He is still caring for me.  I am reminded of what God told Paul when He was asking about his “thorn in my flesh.” God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness” (NASB).  I thank God for his good care and his grace.

I pray that God continues to show his power at my three month check-up.  Please pray; last Friday I had another MRI done.  Tomorrow, I will see my neuro-oncologist, and Wednesday I see my neurosurgeon.  But no matter what I learn, I try to remember that God still cares for me and my family.

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