God’s workmanship

I haven’t done much this week. Not only is it chemo week (my doctor wants to continue for probably another 8 months), my daughter and I have a cold. It is amazing how much attention she thinks she needs. Whenever I have energy (and sometimes when I don’t), I have been caring for her. Hopefully, we will both start to feel better before her first birthday party with family on Saturday.

It amazes me how much she has changed in the last year. A year ago, she hadn’t even taken her first breath. Now, she is walking, climbing, imitating sounds, and so much more.

In my recent post about faith, I observed that to develop faith often takes reasons, skills (a better word may be goals), opportunity, and time. Two very discouraging facts are the following: 1) It is easy to make excuses and miss opportunities for growth and 2) we also can’t expect growth immediately.

There are nights that your little one won’t go to sleep (or stay a sleep). There are days that every step forward causes pain. There are days that nothing seems to be going your way and that you are never developing. I encourage you to remember why you want what you want, remember your skills, and keep going.

Sometimes, God opens your eyes and you get to see some of the areas where God has been working. Your only response is “Lord, You are great. Thank you for making me into your workmanship (Ephesians 2:8-9).”

“Lord, thanks for allowing me to complete the 5K. Thanks for allowing me to participate in my daughter’s life. Thanks for every day of my life. I praise you for being great even when I don’t notice it.”

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  1. All I have to do is look out my living room window, or any window in my house for that matter, to see the Lord’s greatness. We are surrounded by mountains and below us is a small family farm. Against our front yard are sheep and a Shetland pony. Across the street to the west are two horses. On the other side of the sheep are cattle. When we first moved here I tried naming the cows but I couldn’t remember who was who! We have all sorts of birds and cameras in our bird houses and the cameras (with sound) are connected to our TVs. We get to watch the bluebirds and others building their nests, laying their eggs and raising their babies. Imagine the courage it must take for a baby bird to fly for the very first time! On the farm are also goats and donkeys plus a mother and baby Shetland pony. God had a real sense of humor when he gave the donkeys their voices. I always have to laugh when I hear them. God’s work is all around us. Even today, though it’s raining and the clouds make it difficult to see the mountains across from us, it’s always beautiful. Nobody but the good Lord could make a place a beautiful as this. I am so grateful to live here.

  2. I especially see God’s greatness when I see an infant or child. Each child is unique – no one in the whole world is exactly like that. And we become adults – and we are still very unique. How easy to judge others, but we must remember that we are all unique. We cannot expect another person to behave just like we would. God’s love is so amazing that He can love each and every person – even someone we think is beyond hope.

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