The reason for growing my faith

In my last post, I compared developing our faith to gaining financial freedom, becoming organized, or getting healthier.  All of these activities seem to be more successful, if we remember our reasons for becoming better, knowing the skills, making an opportunity, and taking the time (see previous post for more information).   Faith is no different.  

Sometimes, we are tempted to act as if having some faith in God is good enough, but it needs to grow and develop.  I know that my childhood faith would not be adequate now.  When I was a young child, my faith was largely dependent on the faith of my family and friends.  I believed, because I didn’t know how not to believe.  My parents and church taught, and I believed.

As an adult, I look back on my immature faith and thank God for people that taught me, but I also know that it would have been a shame if my faith continued to be immature.  I learned that everyone has a belief system.  We form our beliefs based on what we experience and the experiences of others.

I believe that the experiences that people recorded in the Bible are true.  I believe that Jesus actually died and rose again, that hundreds of people actually saw Him alive after He rose from the dead.  I believe that there is more physical evidence that Jesus was on earth than George Washington was our first president.  There are many facts that reinforce my faith, enough that I might make a post on that in the future (or maybe just suggest some books).

I also believe that He takes an active role in my life.  God has answered many of my prayers in ways that I would have never expected.  God leads me and directs me to a better life.

I also believe that Christianity isn’t simply about God forgiving our sins and eventually getting to heaven.  The Bible teaches that God made people for a relationship with Him.  He cares about us.  Receiving forgiveness for our sins is NOT the entirety of Christianity.  He wants us to have a full life. Jesus said in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

When we abide in Jesus, life is better. Not that Jesus takes away all our problems, but He helps us through our problems. There seems to be a direct correlation between the faith I demonstrate and the power of Jesus I notice. I grow my faith so that I can know Jesus better. When I know Jesus better, I worship Him, see Him more clearly, and notice His works more consistently.

In what do you have faith?  What or who do you worship?  Why would you want a stronger faith?  Look for my next post about some skills I use to strengthen my faith.

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