It takes reasons, skills, opportunity, and time

If you want to have financial freedom, Dave Ramsey teaches that you need a reason, a plan, and a commitment to the sometimes long process.  If you want to be more organized, the Flylady teaches that you need proper motivation, a written plan (She calls it a control journal), and perseverance (and grace when you fail).  If you want to lose weight, Biggest Loser instructs you to do it for yourself, follow their plan, and don’t quit (even when you get sent home).

I recognized a pattern.  When something good is desired whether it is financial freedom, a clean and organized house, or health; it typically does not happen by accident.  As people, we need to know the reason, have/learn the skills, take the time, and persevere in all circumstances.

I know that it works that way in my life.  This spring (around the time of my surgery), I was told that if I wanted a better life for my family and myself, I needed to exercise (the reason).   I already knew that one great way to exercise is running.  And between my husband and the internet, I learned more about form and setting goals for running (skills).  So I set a goal to run with Kevin in a 5k this September and smaller goals to reach the large goal (like running a mile in May), and I gave myself time to reach those goals.  I could not run 3.1 miles in May, but now in September I can (time).  I wanted to quit running a lot.  I wanted to quit every time I didn’t reach my running goals.  I wanted to quit when I learned that I would be doing chemo (starting in July). I wanted to quit when they increased the chemo dosage in August.  I persevered, because I remember the reason.

The pattern continues into our spiritual life.  Faith is the same way.  You need to know why you believe, what you believe, give yourself opportunities to build a stronger faith, and don’t quit growing your faith.  I know that several people have told me that they wish they had faith like mine.  I want you to know that you can, but it doesn’t happen by accident.  I encourage you to examine the reason for your faith, the skills of your faith, and what it would take to grow your faith.  Don’t be discouraged when others have a stronger faith, but use there example to help you persevere as you grow your faith.

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