The school year has begun again. Although we do not have school age children in our house, this time of year brings changes for all Americans. The sun is setting earlier. The temperatures are changing. In our area, during the day shorts are comfortable, and by evening you might want something warmer (or you may not). With these changes, I would like to take the opportunity to change my website. So watch for some changes this month with the hope that the new format and topics will help you to bring change to your life (or maybe your friend’s life).

With the beginning of the school year comes the renewal of asking questions (with the hope of finding some answers), and I have been asking many questions. Here are just a sample:

  • How do I incorporate worship in everyday activities?
  • Why is trusting so difficult?  How do we make trusting God easier?
  • How do I balance the concept of work and play?
  • How do I serve people who don’t know what their real needs are?
  • What should my priorities be?  How do my priorities change the way I live my life?
  • How do you obey with proper motives?
  • If we say something will be good for us, why don’t we always do it?

The secret to finding these answers lies in my almost two year old (Not really). The other day while I was stretching to prepare for a run, I noticed my toddler was trying to stretch too. Her form was horrendous and was not benefitting her body, but she was trying. I am confident with more time and more practice that someday her stretches will be beneficial.

The real secret to finding these answers lies in Jesus. If we can learn to “abide” (NASB) in Him or “remain” (NIV) in Him. If you anything like me, “abiding” in Jesus is difficult, because we cannot see him. We need to pay close attention and imitate his character found in the Bible. Like my daughter, we will not be beneficial the first time (or even the second time). But if you keep pursuing Jesus, He will use your efforts in the Kingdom of God.

Don’t get me wrong, the Kingdom of God does not need you, but God wants to use you, because He cares greatly for you. He pursue you.

I know this post isn’t that informative, but I wanted you to know where my thought have been. I encourage you to think about these questions and I would love to hear some of your answers. I also know that saying “Jesus is the answer,” does not clarify all of our questions, but if we pursue Jesus, He will answer.

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