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Christians disapprove of many things found in our culture: abortion, prostitution, pornography, etc.  All of this evil can be overwhelming. Sometimes, we feel as though Satan is winning, and until Jesus returns, there is nothing we can do about it.  On Sunday my husband preached on Matthew 16, in verse 18 Jesus tells Peter, “the gates of Hades (Hell) will not overcome it [the church].”  A gate is a defense structure.  If Hades has a need for defense, the church must be on the offense.  After church, I began to ask myself, “What does God want me to do as the offense against evil?”

I don’t know how to change something as big as abortion.  I know I am not supposed to get overwhelmed and discourage, but what can I do?  I voted against abortion, and it didn’t change anything.  I have debated with others, but abortions still happen.  My helplessness increases when dealing with the sexual sins.

Then on Monday at my Bible study, we discussed that we should think of ourselves as God thinks of us.  He loves and cherishes you more than you could ever know, and His love is not dependent on anything you do.  In other words, our value is dependent on God and not on anything we do.  We do not have not to do anything to earn God’s love.  More accurately, we cannot do anything to earn God’s love.  The only reason for any actions should be in response to his love.

So after pondering my question, “What does God want me to do as the offense against evil?” I realized that I already knew the answer: I need to respond to God’s love which includes sharing that love with others actively.  God’s love will conquer the evils in this world.  We cannot vote away the evil.  We cannot debate away the evil.  We cannot ignore away the evil.  We must love away the evil, just like Jesus did when he went to the cross for our sins.


Please help me to really understand your unconditional love and share it with others, because that is how the church will defeat Hades.   Give me a pregnant woman considering an abortion to love. Give me men and women with sexual issues to love. Open my eyes to opportunities to love other people as You love them.

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