Fed Up With Fear

  What is it in your life that consumes your mind with worry? It’s that thing that you can’t handle listening to someone else’s story about their experience with that particular thing, because it just gets in your head and won’t go away. It’s that thing that is waiting to … Continue reading

The God Who Heals

I serve the God who heals.  And after almost five years of dealing with a terminal disease, I say that now with more confidence than ever. Six years ago, I was enjoying my comfortable life — my dream life.  I was married, serving in ministry, and very hopeful about my … Continue reading

My Reward won’t be Heaven

It is that time of the year for Judgement Houses.  Churches or other groups come together to create a walk-through gospel presentation that is intended to compete with a haunted house.  Although different groups use a different script, every Judgement House that I have seen follows the same flow.  First, … Continue reading

And Now We Know…

  It is interesting to me to compare preparing for the different surgeries.  Preparing for surgery #1 was filled with fear and uncertainty.  We didn’t know where to start, and our plan was filled with a lot of question marks. Preparing now for surgery #3 (tomorrow morning) still contains question … Continue reading

In the Face of Fear

This week my daughter invited me to play with playdough together.  I created a clock out of playdough, all the while fearing that I may not be able to do that in two weeks, and I was praying that someday, I will be able to create a clock with playdough … Continue reading

Washing the Fear Away

When I was in high school, a friend of mine knocked on my door in the middle of the night.  Their house was on fire, and they needed our help.  We tried to help them.  But in all honesty, there wasn’t much that we could do.  So I spent the … Continue reading

Oceans of Fear

“The only thing stronger than fear is hope.” Could have fooled me. Have you been there? Your to-do list looks more like a short story. At least, what you’ve managed to remember to put on paper, which doesn’t account for the 3 million things that cross your mind daily with … Continue reading