Have you ever tried to tap out a familiar tune so that others could guess it? Many people find it more difficult than they would imagine.  In an EntreLeadership podcast, Adam Grant talked about an experiment, where they had asked others to tap out a familiar tune, and only 2.4% … Continue reading

The Best Time

  I have a smart two-year-old.  We often walk past a building that has four flags above it.  The other day, my toddler declared, “four flags.  Let’s count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Four flags.  That’s my girl.  I am so proud to be her … Continue reading

Start by Praying

God wants to be in His people’s presence more than His people want to be in His presence.  God desires us to know Him.  The problem is sin.  Not only did it separate us from God.  We no longer naturally know how to enjoy the presence of God.  We have … Continue reading

Where should we be

I love watching my daughter growing and developing.  A few weeks ago, we left her with my parents while we went on a mission trip.  When we reunited, I was amazed at how her behavior and skills had changed in just one week. She is now speaking with more words.  … Continue reading

She’s needy

My baby is ten months old now.  She is normally is joyful.  Just today, I was told that she is the happiest baby that particular person knows. Normally, I would agree.  God has given her great personality.  I am so glad that I am her mom. If you haven’t noticed, … Continue reading

Chemo plans

Yesterday, my doctor encouraged me to prepare for chemo, and today another doctor agreed. We also learned that female patients who are treated with chemo are discouraged from having more children.  Even though I expected everything the doctors said, I still felt shock, frustration, and disappointment. The chemo treatment that … Continue reading

Never alone

When my daughter was born many people told us to enjoy every moment, because they seem to go fast, and you can never get them back.  They are more accurate than I imagined.  This week, my little one turned 6 months old.  As I look back at the last 15 months of our life … Continue reading

Be still

I don’t know what is harder – preparing for brain surgery or recovery from brain surgery.  The preparing is filled with fear – the fear of death, the fear of brain damage, and basically the unknown.  The recovering is also difficult. Because of the swelling in my brain, it is … Continue reading

No More Keppra… I thought

So after my miscarriage and before my first surgery on March 5, 2012, my doctors put me on anti-seizure medication.  For those of you who are familiar with anti-seizure medications, my medication is the generic form of Keppra.  When my husband told his friend, Kirk, that I was taking Keppra, … Continue reading