It sounds like a social media fad for the month of November, doesn’t it? It’s actually a phrase coined/made well known at Kendra’s and my alma mater.  I wish I could tell you more of his legacy, but I did not personally know him. He was one of the Residence Directors on campus. I met him once when I went back for a visit after I had graduated: no life-changing interaction, no “aha” moment, nothing particular struck me when we met. He seemed a nice guy, and all my buddies who lived in that dorm said he was cool. The interaction was enough to make us Facebook friends, and that was it.

You may have picked up on the past tense verb usage in that introductory paragraph. He passed away a few years ago. Facebook has been significantly less funny since then.

Another life taken from us all too soon, in our eyes. Not the first time I’d experienced sudden tragedy and loss, nor even the most recent. But, as often happens in these situations, one’s immediate social circle lights up all across Facebook and Twitter (that’s all I had at the time…wasn’t life simpler??). Friends of mine sharing memories of fond moments and heartfelt influences connected with this man, accompanied with #thankfulfortheday

Such a simple phrase. And a fun theme to remember in November, as some try to keep the commercialism at bay post-Halloween, while it’s trying to skip Thanksgiving and make a beeline for Christmas. Sometimes it’s easier to remember to be #thankfulfortheday when the day has been extraordinarily excellent. Other times, God reminds me to be #thankfulfortheday when times are particularly hard.

I have a new goal. I want to be thankful for every day. That’s a little more difficult on the boring, routine days.

I’m making this public on social media, so hopefully people will help keep me accountable to it. My Instagram and Twitter should have a daily post with #thankfulfortheday and I may run out of things to be thankful for. I’m just hoping I don’t have a week straight of being thankful for coffee (please understand, I am daily thankful for coffee anyway).

When is it hard for you to remember to be thankful? What is your reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised? My reminder is Wade (responsible for #thankfulfortheday), along with Nathan, Isaac, and Steve-o. All four of them taken from this world by surprise. I know some people who are thankful because of household chores — it reminds them to be thankful for a shelter, for family and friends to feed… I’m not as awesome as them. I would love to be. Maybe some day.

Get an early start on thankfulness season. And make it last a little longer than the holiday of crazy shopping. I’d love to hear if you’re joining with me and being #thankfulfortheday ! You can find me on Instagram as realatru.

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