I wrote a blog at the beginning of October about learning to be thankful for each day in its own unique way. Since then, I also wrote a blog about how something to do with isolation.  Permit me to bring the two together into something pragmatic we can all do during this “Thankfulness month.”

Pictured is my suitcase. I acquired the suitcase itself when my Grandma Truman went to her eternal Home in 2013? Its contents have been accumulating much longer than that.

God knows that we need reminders. I believe that is why He set up a weekly time for us to take rest as well as a weekly reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for us. Part of it is that, yes, we humans can be forgetful creatures. I think in addition to that, we tend to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day grind and the habitual that sometimes the big picture and important things get pushed to the back of our minds.

I probably don’t look through the contents of my suitcase enough. Maybe I wouldn’t have so many self-esteem issues. Maybe I would discover an increased motivation to reach out to others.

I know this. We mere mortals need reminders: reminders of the good times when we really meant something to someone else as well as the more difficult reminders of hard lessons learned.

This is my challenge for your Thankfulness season. Some of you choose to be thankful every day of the month, some of you rather choose the week of Thanksgiving itself, or just the day alone. Whatever you choose to do, this is my request: tell someone that you are thankful for the impact they have had on your life.

Ideas to help you get started:

-someone who influenced your outlook on the world
-someone who was there for you during a difficult time
-someone who can always cheer you up
-someone who holds you accountable
-someone who you haven’t talked to in awhile
-someone who knows you better than you know yourself
-someone you look up to — they may not know it!

I’m all for being thankful for our daily blessings; such attitude adjustments could incredibly change our society. But the things for which we say, “Hey God, thanks!” can’t say thanks back or be encouraged by our words.  It doesn’t need to be an entire letter.  Just try to say, “Thank you. You were there for me/did this for me/changed my life in this way. I just wanted you to know that meant a lot.”  Boom.  Encouragement.  Happiness.  A smile.  And the best part? It’s contagious. Let’s start the craziest part of the year with the best feeling being passed around: love.


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