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My list of lies
My list of lies

In my previous post “More Powerful than lies,” I wrote how a few of Satan’s lies affect me.  It got me thinking about how sometime Satan causes us to ignore the truth.  The phrase “People make time for what is important to them” should be true, but I am not sure that is always the case.  I often hear, “Well, I would like to do (insert what he/she want), but (someone he/she respects) wouldn’t like it.”  “I will have time for (something he/she wants to do) after (something he/she feel obligated to do) is done.”  And these statements are not always bad, but they do reveal that other’s opinions affect what we do.  Do they affect our actions more than our values affect our actions?

If we are not choosing how we use our time, who is?  Is it our spouse, children, or boss? Or even scarier, does Satan affect the way we use our time?  Do you really want to make it to the judgment seat and say, I wanted to do (something important), but my boss, parents, children, etc. expected me to do (whatever they wanted).  When are we going to take responsibility for what we do with our time?

Not taking responsibility for our actions is not a new thing.  It reminds me of Genesis 3.  Eve and Adam ate the fruit that was forbidden.  When God asked Adam about it, Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the Serpent.

I believe to be strong, we have to know what is important and protect it.  Protect what’s important from all of the distractions in this world.  Protect it from other people’s opinions.  Protect it from busyness. I challenge us to make the phrase “people make time for what is important to them” true.

This is hard.   It is hard to differentiate between “important” and “distraction,” but it is the differentiation that we must make if we are going to be strong for the glory of God. Often you need other’s opinions to know what is important. Sometimes, we have to be busy, for a time, but we shouldn’t rush through life so much that we miss the important things.  We need to make the statement “I make time for what is important to God and for me.”

The first step is to keep God first.  We won’t know what is important without spending time in prayer and in His Word.  The second step is to stop and consider what is important.  All too often, we just do what feels urgent, and we don’t evaluate if it is actually important.  How often do you drop everything you are doing just to answer the phone (and it wasn’t even someone you wanted to talk to).  Make sure that you are making time for what is important to God.  Then, you will be making time for what is important.

Are you guiltily of doing whatever seems urgent, just because it is urgent?  I am. I wrote the framework for this post a week ago, and I have struggled today with not know what is really important.  What other things can you do or not do to make time for the “important”? As several people have said, “Time management is really self-management.”  If we want to be strong, we need to use God’s fruit of self-control, and use our time for Him.

I would love to hear your suggestions in the comment section.  Do you “make time for what is important to you” or do you just get busy?  How do you make sure that you are doing what is important?  How does God affect what is important to you?

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