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My list of lies
My list of lies

This week, we received wonderful news. On Monday, I had another MRI. The MRI picture shows my brain with a dark spot in it, where they removed my tumor in February 2014. Between the dark area and my brain, there is an area that shows up white on the MRI. Doctors call this area a flare. It is predominately made up of scar tissue, blood from the cutting of blood vessels during surgery, and probably microscopic brain tumor. Compared to May of 2014’s MRI, the flare appears to be smaller, and we still don’t see the tumor. The doctor was very pleased. Last year, he would not have told us to expect this result. The doctor confirmed that assuming everything looks good on my next MRI that I only have three more rounds of chemo. So praise the Lord who continues to work.

In my last post, I discussed how often we don’t realize how Satan’s lies affect us. Often, Satan convinces me that people don’t improve. If someone has annoyed me in the past, of course, they are going to annoy me forever, right? If someone has hurt me in the past, I can never trust them again, right? Now, I am not saying that they will change, but sometimes we don’t even give them an opportunity to change. If my brain health can improve, maybe other things like attitudes can improve too.

If someone annoys or hurts you, you should forgive them (Matthew 5:44) and pray for them (Matthew 6:14-15). When you do, in my experience, there are generally two things that could happen (and often both happen). 1: They change. 2: You change.

If you see the other person changing, encourage them. Make an effort to notice the good things about people, especially the people who annoy and hurt you. Now, I am not saying, continue to let them hurt you. I do believe in having boundaries with people. Sincerely tell them those good things. This often requires intentionally slowing down, watching, and listening to those around you. And with the people that irritate you, pray. Pray that God will give you His spirit, His wisdom, and His forgiveness to change you so that you can encourage others to change as well. I believe that God is in the changing business, and He wants us all to be more like Him even with people we don’t like. He often gives results that we do not expect to receive. Although God might not answer the way you want Him to, expect an answer.

If you don’t see the other person changing, God is probably calling you to change and keep praying. Sometimes, if someone continues to hurt us, we need to create space between us and the other person while God works in the situation. Sometimes, that space is not spending time with that person, and at other times that is not possible. There is one man in my life that says awkward and mean things, and I have decided that I don’t value his opinion. I am nice, and then I focus on something else. I have given myself space. I keep praying and forgiving (knowing that forgiveness is more about who I am than who he is). Once again, we have to assume that God is active and working even when we do not see Him. This fact allows me to be nice to those that have previously been mean, because you never know what God has done and restoration is one of God’s goals. Restoration is why He went to the cross.

As you pray, please pray for me. Following the first dose of the last two rounds of chemo, I have experience chills about 2 hours after I take it. When we discussed this with my doctor, he didn’t know why. My next round will be sometime around 4/18.

In the comment section below, I would love to receive stories about how God gave you results that you did not expect. And if you like this post, I would be honored if you share this link. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that God often wants us to not only pray for changes in other people but to be aware that God probably has changes we need to make too. Then we need to acknowledge the changes that God directs to encourage each other.

    We can also pray for prayer needs of others. I’ll add prayers for you relationship with the man you mentioned. Of course I continue to pray for your health issues. Praising the Lord for good reports this week

  2. Praise the Lord that God is doing his healing and that you are getting better. Others need prayers for their healings.
    My prayer got answered when we needed are truck fixed and it was answered when my daughter helped us out.

    The Lord has healed my Mom to where she is getting better herself she doing a lot more by walking and start doing things for her self. Kendra I want to Thank You and Kevin and the church for praying for my Mom. Praying really works.

  3. Prayer does work. I am glad your truck is fixed, even though I don’t see you as much 🙁 and that your mom is better. Keep praying.

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