Is social media good for us? There are many debates about “goodness” of social media.  This post is not about that.  It is about the importance of remembrance.   Thanks to Facebook and other social media, I have been reminded of several things that have occurred during winter months.  Most of these memories make me grateful that it is spring now, even though I know memories happen in every season.

  •         In Dec. 2011, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  •         In Feb. 2012 was my third miscarriage.
  •         In Mar. 2012 was my first brain surgery.
  •         In Feb. 2013, we confirmed that I was pregnant with my daughter.  (I like this memory.)
  •         In Feb. 2014 was my second brain surgery.
  •         In March 2014, I couldn’t draw a clock correctly.

Even though I am not excited about many of these memories, it is good to remember.  I remember the people that encouraged me.  I remember all of their prayers for me.  I remember that I could lose everything except God in a heartbeat.  Remembering changes me.

Because I remember, I appreciate my life.  Because I remember, I praise God for my family and friends.  Because I remember, I want to encourage others.  Because I remember, I am different.  Things were not easy for me.  I remember the fear and uncertainty.

This week, I was telling my now two-year old about the Easter story.  I told her about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  She likes that part.  I told her about the bad men who wanted to hurt Jesus.  Jesus knew what was going to happen.  Jesus told His friends that he would be leaving.  Jesus also told his friends do have communion in “Remembrance of  Me.”

Jesus knew that “Remembering is important.” He knew that hard times (even harder than mine) were coming.  They would need to remember Jesus.  Even as Jesus said this, He knew that they would sometimes forget.

In less than a day, Peter would deny Jesus three times, but Jesus would forgive Him.  Jesus knows that sometimes we will forget.  Jesus will forgive us too.

But it is important to try to remember the things God has done for us.  Remember Jesus changes us, just like when Peter changes when He remember Jesus again.  When Peter remember who Jesus was, he was apart of changing the world.

Jesus wants to do big things through you too, but we need to remember Jesus.

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  1. Beautifully said, Kendra. You are using what was meant for bad by the one who decieves, into something good, like Jesus wants. Bless your heart for sharing the lessons you have learned through your heart ache.

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