Several of my friends are celebrating Christmas already, but I also have friends that are adamant that everyone should celebrate Christmas only after Thanksgiving. Please consider my thoughts when deciding when your family will start celebrating.

  1. Celebrating Christ is always important.  Christ is why we live and enjoy life.  I have a friend that likes to celebrate Christmas all year.  Personally, we enjoy when she uses Christmas decorations at random times of the year.
  2. Just because you are celebrating Christmas, it doesn’t mean that you are celebrating Christ.  Some Christians become extremely excited about the Christmas celebrations like plays, lights, gifts, and family time. I occasionally question if they are excited about Christ or just the activities, since they don’t get nearly as excited for other holidays honoring our Savior. Compared to Christmas, many Christians should celebrate Easter with more dedication
  3. Thanksgiving is also a great way to celebrate Christ.  Without thankfulness, Christmas loses its purpose.  How can you celebrate Jesus’ birth without being thankful what He has done? You will be blessed by being more thankful.  Aloud thanksgiving to change you.

It doesn’t really matter when you start celebrating Christmas. Whenever you like to start celebrating, my challenge for you be certain that you are celebrating Jesus Christ rather than just making yourselves busy with celebrations that lack meaning. You don’t want to be one of the many Christians who are simply excited about Christmas songs, decorations, and fun; rather than Jesus Christ.

More than other years, my family will have to be more intentional about celebrating Christ. In addition to typical Christmas activities, we are moving into a new to us house. If you don’t know about our move, please read last week’s post. Since last week, we have made a deal on a house and hope to close next Tuesday. Because of the move, we are celebrating Christ during Christmas and trying to settle into a new house, make new friends, participate in our new church’s celebration, and form new traditions. Even with this busyness, my goal is to celebrate Jesus every day.

My prayer for you and me is that we understand it doesn’t matter when we start celebrating Christmas as long as we celebrate Christ through worship.

Have you asked God what it looks like for your family to celebrate Christ? How is celebrating Christ different than celebrating Christmas? What suggestions do you have for keeping your focus during the Christmas season? If this post has been helpful, please share it. You can share on social media by hitting the share button below.

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