Let me give a prologue: I. Despise. Politics.  I see a large group of people arguing stubbornly for their own selfish designs and nobody considering the greater good, and anyone who seems to want what’s best for everyone probably has a hidden agenda. Safe to say, I have a slightly pessimistic view of politics. I would also like to say that this post is not to align itself with a specific viewpoint other than seeking what would please my Lord and Savior the most.

America, we’ve been spoiled.  Christians, we are too. And I think many people are so distracted fighting for their personal comforts and beliefs that we aren’t fighting nearly as hard for peoples’ souls.

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament, specifically where God punished the Israelites (as a country/community!) for breaking their end of the covenant. A summary: Israel became comfortable in their blessings and knowing that God was “their” God, and eventually came to think that nothing would ever go wrong for them. They thought themselves invincible, thus, their decline.

Does this sound familiar yet?

Permit me to type obnoxiously for a moment to get my point across: I. Do. Not. Care. What. Your. Political. Standpoint. Is.

Christians, what is the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Very good, class.  Now, what did Jesus say is the second greatest commandment? Love your neighbor as yourself.


Christian, you do not have a Biblical right to live in a country that follows your moral code.  Talk to any cross-cultural missionary, current or past. Study the culture of the New Testament. We’re called to be faithful despite our circumstances.

Christian, America does not have to pass laws that uphold your personal views.  That does not hinder the Gospel! If it did, do you think the early church would have grown as it did in the Roman Empire?

Christian, if God chooses to change this country by putting an unbelieving dictator in charge or allowing foreign power to conquer us, then He has the power to do so. Is He still Lord over your life if He starts doing things you don’t like? If you hesitate to answer that, you may have some soul searching to do. The Bible says He sets up authorities and rulers and gives them their power. Do you trust Him with this election? Will you continue to trust Him if your prized horse–uh, I mean, candidate doesn’t win?

Christian…I could go on, but please do me a favor. Stop freaking out every four years when the presidential election comes. I agree; we are living in the last times. We’ve been saying that since the Apostle Paul wrote it. The Gospel message and the work of the church do not depend on who sits in the Oval Office.  Your job is to be a light, to show love, to tell people that love comes from our Creator and Savior.

I like comfortable living as a Christian in America, too.  But if this government continues to pass laws that disagree with my personal viewpoints, then I’m okay with that.  The church did not build momentum with laws being passed. The church grows when people are faithful to their Lord, faithful to his message, and faithful in their everyday lives.  Let’s get back to basics, people.  Be a light in your community and among your friends.  They will know us by our love, not our campaign slogans.

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