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Recently I was reading in the Old Testament about the first laws that God gave to the Israelite. Sometimes, the reading of the law becomes tedious. God told the Israelites in great detail what he wanted from them. He told them how to build the Tabernacle, how to build the Ark of the Covenant, how to build the Altar, how to make the priestly garments, how to make an Ephod and breastplate, and much more. He did all of this in great details.

As I was reading, I was wishing God would clarify His will in great detail for me. But maybe great details aren’t as helpful as we might think. God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. In Exodus 32, God had a meeting with Moses to expand on His law. The Israelites thought it was taking too long. They began to question. Maybe Moses is lost. Maybe he won’t come back. Maybe we need to take matters in our own hands. Their solution to Moses being gone longer than they expected was to break the laws of God that they had received. More details were not helping them.

How easy is it to do the same thing? Last year, I was convinced that God wanted me to blog about my experience with my brain tumor. I did, but it wasn’t like I expected. It was difficult to come up with topics that I felt added value. Often maintaining the website was more difficult than I expected. I questioned, “Was blogging really what God wanted me to do?” Maybe He is leading me to something different.

Why do I think obedience would be any easier if I had more details? I am not even obeying the lessons I know already.

Often, God doesn’t work on our time. And just because God isn’t working in our time and our way, it doesn’t mean God isn’t working. We still need to obey what we know He wants until we know something else. So I will continue to blog until I know that I am supposed to quit. And I hope that together we can figure out how to be obedient even when we don’t have all of the answers. Trusting that God will make us stronger, because of our commitment to Him. And we can continue to encourage each other as we search for God and His Will. And together we can have the faith that will take us to our Promise Land.

It would be a great encouragement to me, if you would leave ideas about how I and this site could encourage you in the comment section. And if you have any prayer requests, please leave those as well.

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  1. Attention: If you commented and it does not appear, I am sorry. It wasn’t working for a time. I hope I have it corrected. Please comment again.

  2. I am so glad to see your blog and now be able to make a post. Praying God will give you lots of words to share and no more issues with this blog site!!!

  3. Hi Kendra…glad you did blog again. To me it is more important to share with people how you go through adversity with trust, seeking to know God’s direction even when you don’t understand the journey and don’t know the outcome… understanding Who God is and trusting that He is with you and that He loves you and that He holds you whatever comes. I realize my situation and my age and circumstances are totally different than yours, but I try to tell God every day that I trust Him and know He has the plan, with something to teach me in the midst of trials…that He will grow me and that hopefully I can help others because of my own trials. I love the things you have shared and think you’ve said them very well. When you know what encourages you, you can encourage others with the encouragement you yourself have found. Twila Paris sang a song back in the day “Do I Trust You, Lord”… GREAT Song! I will trust You Lord, when I don’t know why, I will trust You Lord till the day I die, I will trust You, I will Trust You, I will Trust You, Lord. I Love You, Sweet Girl… praying for you and your complete healing. Thankful for your presence in my life. Hugs!

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