Summary of Brain tumor treatment- round one

About two years ago (2011), while at my in-laws house to celebrate Christmas and New Years, I was taking a nap on their couch when I knew I needed help.  I tried calling for help, but I couldn’t form the words.  All I really remember is shaking uncontrollably and feeling like my face was trying to tie itself into knots (Sorry, I know that is not a very good description, but that is the best I can do). Although I do have vague memories of traveling to the hospital, I do not have continuous memories until entering the hospital.

There we learned three things. One, I had a seizure. Two, they confirmed that I was pregnant for the third time. Three, I had a mass in my brain, but they were unwilling to do a MRI because of the pregnancy. After already having two miscarriages, I wanted to rejoice about being pregnant, but I was scared about a mass in my brain.

We did the only thing we knew, and that was pray and ask others to pray.  The next few months felt like years.  On February 4th, I did miscarry our child.  I fought feelings of immense pain and loss, all the while being grateful that we could search for answers about the mass in my brain.  On March 5, 2012, I had my first brain surgery. About a week later, we learned my tumor was a oligoastrocytoma grade 2.  We also learned that although it is not technically considered cancerous, it was likely to come back and maybe return as cancer.

There are so many lessons God taught me through this time, and I plan on sharing some of them with you in the future.  Right now, I want to say thank you to the many people who have prayed for us.  No, God did not remove all of the difficulties in our lives, but He provided the strength to survive.  God provided in so many ways like money to pay for the medical bills. He also provided friends, family, and even strangers for support and a surgeon with the reputation of being one of the best (I didn’t even have work to get him).  God does answer our prayers.

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