What Changes Things?

Is social media good for us? There are many debates about “goodness” of social media.  This post is not about that.  It is about the importance of remembrance.   Thanks to Facebook and other social media, I have been reminded of several things that have occurred during winter months.  Most of these memories make me grateful […]

What does God want from me?

The Christian life is sometimes difficult and unexpected. About two and a half years ago, I felt God calling me to blog, but I didn’t want too. I am not a good writer. I can’t even spell. When I started having more troubles with my brain tumor (about two years ago), I consented that I […]

Start by Praying

God wants to be in His people’s presence more than His people want to be in His presence.  God desires us to know Him.  The problem is sin.  Not only did it separate us from God.  We no longer naturally know how to enjoy the presence of God.  We struggle with worship. We have to […]

Joy in Discipline

Last week we discussed mourning over our sins. One of the good things about mourning over our sins is that the sadness does not last forever.  God wants you to experience His forgiveness and peace.  We do not have to live our lives in shame.  Often, we force ourselves to live in shame or try […]

New Things are Coming- Watch closely

The school year has begun again. Although we do not have school age children in our house, this time of year brings changes for all Americans. The sun is setting earlier. The temperatures are changing. In our area, during the day shorts are comfortable, and by evening you might want something warmer (or you may […]

Are you blameless?

Daniel from the Bible is known for being thrown into the Lion’s Den, but often the details are forgotten.  Under the new King Darius, others were jealous of the power Daniel was receiving.  Daniel 6:4 describes the situation: “Then the commissioners and satraps began trying to find a ground of accusation against Daniel in regard […]

God pursues you

For the last few days, I have experienced guilt, because I haven’t felt like I reaching my potential.  I have allowed my daily routines to fall apart, and have not strived towards some of my goals.  I have two really good reasons though.  Reason #1, I was exhausted.  Towards the end of May, I took […]

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