“Did you know you can actually change your brain?!

“The human mind has tremendous potential for change.  Research on how the brain can change its structure and function through thought and activity is fascinating.

“It’s simple. Our brain reflects the life we lead.…”

I read that in a pamphlet entitled: Turning Point The Center for Hope and Healing.  I picked up the pamphlet at KU Medical Hospital while we were learning about my third brain surgery.  I thought, “Lord, I don’t know how to change my brain, would you do it for me?  I want to be healed.”

Although my MRI says there is little positive change since surgery, I know that Jesus is changing how I think. This summer, Jesus has encouraged me to focus intentionally on Him.  At CIY, we learned about Peter walking on the water.  He was able to miraculously walk when Peter focused on Jesus, but when when Peter was distracted, Jesus pointed out his little faith.

I am like Peter.  Sometimes, I am focused on what I think I can’t do because of the tumor. I was focused on my storm. But the story of Peter teaches that focusing on the storm demonstrates little faith, but when I focus on Jesus, miracles occur.

I want to see a miracle in my life.  Not only do I want to be healed physically, I pray that my brokenness will be healed on Earth.  

I am learning that God wants that, too.  At CIY, I believe that God sent me Kyle to pray over me.  Even though we never spoke before and I have no reason to believe Kyle knew my story, he prayed that I would see a miracle.  This happened during a time that youth sponsors were supposed to pray other the youth, but God sent him to me to encourage me, the youth sponsor.

God used Kyle like I pray that He will used me.  We need reminders:

    1. God loves.
    2. God works.
    3. God wants to redeem and reconcile.

Will we participate?  Will be changed to be more like him?  I hope our brains reveal that our lives are lead by Jesus.

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