Like Moses

I want to do amazing things. I want to leave this world knowing that it is a better place, because I was here.  As much as I would like too, I know that I will not please everyone (which is unfortunate), so I have decided that God is the only one that I want/need to be proud of me. The problem is, the more I study Scripture, the more I realize that the good things I do really don’t impress God that much.

For example, consider Moses who we admire for leading the Israelites out of Egypt, but what did Moses really do? He got mad and killed a man. He fled the area, and when God told him to come back, he made excuses. When we think Moses conquers his problems, he demonstrates that he still can’t control his temper, and broke the God written copies of the Ten Commandments. He also allowed the ten spies to convince the people not to follow God into the promise land.  When God did finally allow them into the Promised Land, Moses was not allowed in (within his life), because he didn’t trust the Lord.  It was God’s grace that allowed him to enter into the Promise Land after his death (Matthew 17).

God did all the impressive parts of the story. God protected Moses when Pharaoh wanted to kill the baby boys. God provided the plagues including killing the first born boys that convinced Pharaoh to actually let them go. God parted the Rea Sea, and then killed the Egyptians that wanted to control them more.  Once in the desert, God is the one who lead the way and provided food and water. God gave the rules and told them how to live.

The thing that really makes Moses special was not that he freed the Israelite (once again, God did that), but that Moses had a relationship with God and trusted God.  God came to earth more than once to talk to Moses.  Moses’s face glowed, because he experienced being in the presence of God.  Moses was special because of God’s grace.

To trust God and have a relationship with Him is more important than changing the world.  It is more important than making a great name.  It is the only way to please God and he is ultimately the only one to please.

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