Never alone

When my daughter was born many people told us to enjoy every moment, because they seem to go fast, and you can never get them back.  They are more accurate than I imagined.  This week, my little one turned 6 months old.  As I look back at the last 15 months of our life (9 months of pregnancy and the 6 months since her birthday), I thank God for the lessons I have learned from her.

According to those who think they know about baby development (I don’t know how they know), it is important to know games like peek-a-boo, because it helps children realize that a world exists outside of what they are currently experiencing.  Babies are egocentric meaning that they think of only themselves.  When she can’t see anyone, she thinks she is alone, but I see from another perspective.  I know that someone has always been responsible for taking care of her.  Now, sometimes she seems the disagree with what I think is good for her especially when it comes to taking a nap.  I know that she needs a nap, because her attitude reveals it.  She will consistently fight taking a nap, and so I do everything I can come up with to encourage her to sleep.  We eat. We turn on music. We swing.  Honestly, I hurt with her, because she won’t take a nap.  I tell her often that if she would just sleep, we could have a wonderful afternoon playing with each other.

I found that often I am the same way.  Often what I think is good for me, and what God knows is good for me are different. I don’t like that I don’t get my way.  Isaiah 55:8:9 says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.” (NASB)

But when I am struggling with my ways not being God’s way, I remind myself that God’s perspective is not like mine, and just like my daughter I am never alone.  God is always watching me and even hurting with me.  He hurts because he knows what all I am not experiencing, because I am fighting for my way.


Thank you for never leaving me alone even when I fight you.  Lord, help me to trust your perspective.  Lord, help me to stop fighting your ways, because I want to experience all that you have for me and my family.  I give to you my thoughts and my ways and ask for your better thoughts and ways.  I trust that you know what is good for me.


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