Last year, she hated the Fourth of July.  When the fireworks started, we went inside.  This year, she enjoyed the lights and tolerated the noises while we were outside.  But when we came inside, she didn’t like it.  I (Kendra) convinced her to lay down in her bed, but she wasn’t ready for me to leave yet.

Although I was tired and thirsty, I continued to sit and wait for sleep to come.  I know some would say that I didn’t need to stay by my daughter’s side.  I wanted to teach her that she isn’t alone in this world.  When things are different and scary, God is always here.  Sometimes, He sends someone our way.

As we waited for our neighbors to finished their celebration, I sang a song that my mom used to sing to me.

God made (insert name). Yes, He did.

God made (insert name). Yes, He did.

When God made (insert name). He made something good.

God made (insert name). Yes, He did.

And as I sing this melody over and over again, with inserting a different name each time, I realized that even at age 3, she is in a great community.

The difference between a hard life and a terrible life is your connection to the community.  In my life, cancer is hard, but not terrible.  My community has made it bearable.  I feel the love when I see frozen food in my freezer made with love, when I look at my flower garden (which I didn’t plant), and remember the people who have watched our daughter without being paid.

My heart breaks when others struggle alone.  I know God didn’t make us to struggle alone.  Sin lies.  It tells us that we are “too good,”  “too inadequate,” or any other lie to convince us that we are alone.  It wants you to believe that you have to save the world, but the world has already been saved.

My prayer for you is that you find those God sent to encourage you and that you encourage others.  The only thing that doesn’t change about life is that life will change.  Those changes can be difficult, scary, and fearful.  Don’t think you have to conquer life alone.

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