The last few days have been extremely overwhelming. My husband started his new job this week. My parents came to help covert our new house into a new home. Thanks to my mom and dad most windows in our house have curtains on them. The exception is the big windows in the living room. We chose to order them, because there were better options online since they are bigger windows. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week I was at the church for some event. I am trying to learn names and stories of the people in our new church.

Through this overwhelming period, it has been hard for me to remember that it is Christmas time. I have been more excited about the work in the laundry area is completed (for now). We were able to finally move the washer and dryer out of the dining room. Then, we moved the dining room table out of the living room. Considering the condition of my house, I am overwhelmed whenever I have considered decorating for Christmas, or going to Christmas parties, or other celebrations.

Last night, even though I felt overwhelmed, I went to church where I helped with the Preschool. The preschool kids learned about the Christmas story. As I thought about that story, I began to wonder if Joseph and Mary felt overwhelmed by Jesus’ birth. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the birth my child, and I was close to home and in a comfortable environment. My family and friends were supportive of my little one which I am not certain we could say about the birth of Jesus.

Often, when I have heard a story as much as I have heard the story of Jesus’ birth, it is easy to forget that this people were real people with real emotions. Often they felt the same way as we do in similar situations. They didn’t know the end of the story just like we don’t know what will happen in our stories.

The Bible characters felt emotions to. And like them, we need to remember that God created our emotions. They are not the enemy. And even when we do not like our emotions, we are called to obedience. We should be strong like Mary and Joseph. They were strong, because of their obedience.

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