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Last year (before I started to make excuses which “justified” me not blogging), I felt challenged that if I wanted to be strong in Christ, I needed to abide in Christ.  Life isn’t all about what I can do for myself or even what I can do for God.  It is more about what God wants to do for us and through us.  He wants to produce fruit in us that will glorify His Kingdom. This realization left me confused.  If God does the work, what is my responsibility?  What if I am working so hard for my benefit?  What if I am doing this all wrong?  What if my ideas are keeping God from doing something wonderful through me?  How will I respond?  What happens if this blog thing or the curriculum writing really works out?  Will I take the credit?  These thoughts produced fear.  Well, if He is going to do this I will stop and just let Him.

I was reading Exodus which convicted me to start blogging again.  In Exodus 3 and 4, we find Moses hiding when God came to him and told him to go speak to Pharaoh about releasing the Israelites.  And even after God performed miracles, Moses pleaded for God to send someone else.  In Exodus 4:14, we learned that the Lord’s anger burned against Moses.  His anger didn’t burn, because Moses had killed and Egyptian (in the past) or because Moses will break the copies of the 10 commandments (in the future).  God was angry at Moses for not obeying God in that moment.  Even when God is angry, He told Moses that his brother will help him and that God will teach him. I was impacted that my lack of obedience causes God negative emotions.  That is powerful and motivating. If you will let God, He wants to empower and motivate us to conquer our fears just as He did for Moses and me.  Over the last few months, I have enjoyed learning from God that to abide in Him is to obey Him in the present.  God does not need to answer all of my questions for me to obey. It is amazing how life is less fearful if you only focus you need to do today.  Now, sometimes I need to prepare today for tomorrow, but if I limit my focus to what do I need to do today and that includes what I need to do today to prepare for the future.  It is liberating.  It is less fearful.

Have you ever considered that you have power to affect God?  Does your fear anger God?  How is God calling you to conquer your fears to bring happiness to God? What could this site do to encourage you?  Please continue this thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Looking forward to learning what God has planned for all of us. May we follow where HE leads

  2. I do enjoy your blogs, I think mainly because a lot of what you say is stuff that’s already been on my mind (funny how God does that). In the story of Moses that you talked about, I find it rather frightening that God actually gave Moses his request for someone else to speak. Having Aaron around didn’t always turn out so well. I wonder sometimes what it would have been like had Moses just said ‘yes’. How many times does God give us what we ask for when we should just be saying “Your will be done”. The story of King Hezekiah’s last 15 years is another one where God gave someone what they asked for, and it wasn’t so good either. We humans (me) just seem to have a hard time saying “whatever You want” to God.

  3. It’s encouraging to hear your personal emotional journey through this. I too often feel bogged down with questions and fears when facing a big task or a life goal. Your realization about obeying God in the moment is one I really need to keep in mind.

  4. Once again Kendra you have shared very strong, emotional words which through God and your knowledge we all can learn from you and your blog. Blessings and prayers. Thanks

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