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Ps 40In last week’s blog, I discussed my struggle with motivation and how I was challenged to be motivated by worshiping the one true God.  This week I have spent a decent amount of time considering why worshiping motivates me more effectively than some of my other sources of motivation.

Worship is when we give honor or homage to someone or something.  For the purpose of this blog, I define worship as is glorifying the one true God.  Worship is motivating because it changes us and our perspective.  When we worship, we are more aware of God’s works. The more we are aware of God’s works, the more we worship.  This is how it worked for David in Psalm 40.

Ps. 40:1-5 David cried out to the Lord (worship). David noticed that God brought David out of the pit of destruction.  David trusted the Lord (worship).

4-8 David declared that the man who trusts in the Lord is blessed (worship).  David realized that God thinks of us often. David delighted in the Lord (worship).

9-17 David proclaimed the Lord’s compassion (worship). David realized that the Lord would be the one who would help him.  David declared that all who love the Lord’s salvation should declare that “the Lord is magnified” (worship).

God has made worship to be a Christian’s primary responsibility.  Sometimes worshiping God in the way He deserves seems very hard, but worship itself is motivating because it gives us a clearer perspective of who God is.  Then, when we see who God really is, we want to worship more.  Worship itself is motivating, because it leads to more worship.

So, if worship is our primary responsibility, and worship leads to more worship. Why do so many Christians fail to worship?

Often, what we call worship is not really worship.  Biblical worship, by definition, requires us to glorify or to promote God.  Some people call signing at church worship. If you are not doing it for God, it is not worship.  Worship is anything that brings us closer

We often prevent ourselves from engaging in the natural progression of worship leading to more worship.  I have to admit there have been many Sundays that I have enjoyed being in the presence of God, but I didn’t keep worshiping.  I was too concerned about talking to someone before they left or what we were going to eat.  It is easy to forget how amazing our God is.

Somehow, we need to live in the state of worshiping God.  I believe that the more we worship God, the easier it becomes.  Having reminders of God’s goodness is also helpful.  This is one of the reasons that it is so important to attend church, to participate in conferences, to read our Bible, and to meditate on Scripture.

What do you do to remind you to worship?  How could understanding God help you to worship more?


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