Seizure free sinceTwo years ago, I struggled falling asleep. When I slowed down enough to try to sleep, my imagination would take control. Two years ago, I was having seizures. My doctors wanted to do another surgery. I was afraid that I was not going to be healthy enough to raise my newborn.


Now two years later, I am preparing to celebrate being seizure free for two years. My surgery was successful. And I am not currently under any treatment. My doctor has me on anti-seizure medication, just to be careful. Even with this good news, sometimes I still struggle with sleeping. I still fear not being able to raise my child. I cognitively know that my doctors are hopeful, but they don’t know the future.  My imagination leads me to dangerous places.


In the last two years, I have learned how to deal with my fear.


1) I acknowledge my fear.

2) I acknowledge that my fear comes from Satan.

3) I try to determine what Satan is trying to keep me from doing.

4) I try to determine what God wants me to do.


Often God is calling me to worship.  Because of the time of year, I have been worshipping through thanksgiving.  Recently, I was supposed to be sleeping, but I was afraid of another seizure. I really would like to not have another before Sunday, November 29 so that I can be seizure free for two years. I have never been seizure free for two years since my first seizure on 2011.


After worrying for some time, I acknowledge that this fear was coming from Satan. He was keeping me from sleeping in peace. Rather than just telling myself not to be worried. I focused my thoughts on being thankful.  It was not long before God blessed me with a restful night’s sleep.


What fears are keeping you from God’s blessings?

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