Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating motherly women today, but I know that some did not enjoy this Mother’s day. Today could contain a wide range of emotions.   For me,  I feel sad, because this is the first Mother’s day without my Mom’s mother.  I still deal with disappointment because of my […]

Joy in Discipline

Last week we discussed mourning over our sins. One of the good things about mourning over our sins is that the sadness does not last forever.  God wants you to experience His forgiveness and peace.  We do not have to live our lives in shame.  Often, we force ourselves to live in shame or try […]

2 Things you need for real joy

Chemo is hard, and each person’s struggle is different.  I hurt for people who lose their hair.  They get so sick that they need to isolate themselves.  I thank God that I am not in those places right now. My struggle often looks like this.  A few days before I am scheduled to start chemo, […]

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