“Yes, I’ll have a youth ministry, with fries on the side.”

Jesus Himself went to where the sinners were. He said the well and healthy don’t need a doctor, the sick do. (Mark 2:17). We know that He associated with the least of these because if He was only hanging out in the synagogue, the Pharisees would not have criticized Him.  One example is found in […]

Finding Beauty in the Mess

It is hard to believe that the next time I post a blog, I will be thirty-one.  So, as my daughter used to say, “Happy to me.”  Last week, Amy wrote about a birthday letter she wrote one year ago, and how important it is to remember God’s faithfulness.  Even when the changes around us […]

To be healthy like Daniel

Many people around me would like to be healthier.  (And my guess is that many of you know someone who would like to be healthier).  Some of my local friends are trying to lose weight.  My husband and I are training for another 5K.  A friend of mine posted on facebook that she had lost […]

God pursues you

For the last few days, I have experienced guilt, because I haven’t felt like I reaching my potential.  I have allowed my daily routines to fall apart, and have not strived towards some of my goals.  I have two really good reasons though.  Reason #1, I was exhausted.  Towards the end of May, I took […]

How I made exercising more desirable

This week, a friend and I went exercising.  We would walk for a while, and then run for a while.  We are exercising, because we want a better life.  There are things in our life that are not the way we want them to be, and we believe that making better life choices will lead […]

2 Things you need for real joy

Chemo is hard, and each person’s struggle is different.  I hurt for people who lose their hair.  They get so sick that they need to isolate themselves.  I thank God that I am not in those places right now. My struggle often looks like this.  A few days before I am scheduled to start chemo, […]

Hidden perfectionist

Often, when God is trying to teach me something a message will appear everywhere: in what people tell me, what I read, and what I listen to.  Other people have told me that God communicates to them this way as well. So when I hear a message from multiple people in multiple ways, I try […]

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