Your grace is enough.

Your grace is enough.

Your grace is enough for me.

We sang this song at my church not long after I (Amy) had moved into my new apartment…in my new city…with my new job…surrounded by my new community… and I wondered if these lyrics were actually the truth.  

I knew them to be true when I was still aimlessly wandering around the country and depending on God to provide money and food that I didn’t have. But now, He has (finally) placed me where He’d wanted me to go.  My “Abraham journey” was over, and I had arrived in “the land that I will show you,” but was His grace still sufficient?

It’s easy to say to people, “I spent a few months travelling, visiting my family and friends, before I settled here,” to those who ask what I’d been up to before moving here.  But it doesn’t do justice to the whole story of how God brought me through heartbreak, doubt, depression, wandering, aimlessness, and learning to depend completely on Him for every step, every need, every moment. Now that I can make my own decisions about food I buy, places I can go, the things I do, all because of the job that He provided… am I still content in the truth that His grace is enough?

I’m reminded of the Israelites coming out of their 40 years wandering around in the desert and finally coming into the Promised Land.  How regularly they forgot about the Lord after everything they had seen Him do! And how many times in my life I got frustrated while reading their stories, until the Lord was kind of to point out that humanity hasn’t changed.  How quickly I settled back into my life of “independence” where I make my own decisions about my time and resources and forget the One who brought me to this good place.

In Revelation 2, John is writing to the church in Ephesus, and says that they don’t have the love that they did at first.  They need to turn back to the Lord and do the things they used to.  That’s my challenge at this point: to remember where I’ve come from and that which I need to continue doing (depending on the Lord for everything, not to think that I know more than Him). Singing “Your Grace is enough” was humbling that day, and a reminder my Lord knew I needed.

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