Many people around me would like to be healthier.  (And my guess is that many of you know someone who would like to be healthier).  Some of my local friends are trying to lose weight.  My husband and I are training for another 5K.  A friend of mine posted on facebook that she had lost 45 pounds.  Being healthy is a good goal.

Now that I have finished chemo (So exciting), I found myself wondering if there was a way that through my diet and exercise program that I could help my body recover.  I still feel more tired than I want to be. (Although I know that some of my problem is my perspective on life).

I have heard of many detox programs and fasting regimens, but I believe many of them are not all that they claim to be.  There are many factors to consider.  The other day a kid was trying to convince me that a particular type of butter was healthy, because it didn’t have any calories.  My husband asked if he wanted to drink gasoline, because it didn’t have any calories.  Often, it is difficult to tell what is really healthy and what ideas are a fad.

A diet have some Christians have followed is what they call the Daniel plan or the Daniel fast.  In Daniel 1, Daniel and his friend were taken captive and given the king’s food.  Daniel requested a different diet and became stronger than the other youth around him.  There are several websites promoting the Daniel plan as a way trying to be healthy like Daniel was.

On one such site, in the comments, I found that you could only drink water, because that is what Daniel drank.  So tea, coffee, etc. are not permitted, but on a different question almond milk and protein shakes are allowed, because they don’t have artificial sweeteners or animal products (because Daniel had protein shakes??).  I think their reasoning is questionable.

As I read Daniel 1, I have a problem with following the Daniel diet and expecting the same results.  Consider the following verse:

Daniel 1: 17 (NASB) As for these four youths, God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams.

I am not going to declare that their diet didn’t have anything to do with their success, but I am confident that their success has more to do with their obedience to God of the Bible than the specifics of their diet.

King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to change who these youth would become.

  1. He gave them a new home.
  2. He gave them a different education.
  3. He had new names assigned to them.  These names also represented a new religion.
  4. He offered them a different diet.

When Daniel asked to eat different foods, it wasn’t a health issue, it was an obedience issue.  Daniel wanted to eat the food prescribed by God to the Israelites, because Daniel wanted to be faithful to God.

God honored Daniel’s desire.  God gave him and his friend’s strength, knowledge, and wisdom.  He also gave Daniel the ability to understand dreams.

If you really want to receive Daniel’s results, I suggest that you become more concerned about Daniel’s motivation.  Just like Daniel, our culture offers a different life than God does.  What choices do we need to make so that we choose God over the world’s ways?

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